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It's as easy as 1-2-3.

How are we different?

We offer quick turn around for cleaning-- 5 business days or less.

 Thorough diagnosis for repair/rebuild services. 

Continuous communication.


Pay for your cleaning service on-line. A deposit is required for Repairs/ Rebuilding .  We will provide you with a quote for the additional parts and labor. 

1. Include a spray gun form with your gun.

Select your location

A base fee of $79.95 will be charged initially. I will contact you for any additional fees to repair or rebuild your spray equipment.

How to pack your Spray Gun:
  1.  What you will need:​

  • Box

  • Protective material (bubble wrap, peanuts, etc.)

  • Gun

  1. Close all nobs.

  2. Remove adapters (do not ship these)

  3. Fully protect your Air Horn (use extra packing material)

  4. Surround entire gun with protective material. 

  5. Place spray gun in box.

  6. Include your spray gun form.

  7. Thoroughly seal box.

  8. Use your shipper of choice (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.).

  9.  Mail to :

  • Gina’s Guns​

  • PO Box  

  • CA 92126


  • Insure your package for its full value

  • Be sure to get a tracking number

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