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How to pack your Spray Gun:

      What you will need:​

  • Box or

  • USPS padded envelope flat rate (available from the USPS and very economical)

  • Protective material (bubble wrap, peanuts, packing paper, etc.)

  • Tape

  • Gun

  • Gina’s guns SPRAY GUN FORM

  1. Clean gun of any fluid.

  2. Remove adapters and cups (do not ship these)

  3. Close fluid, air and pattern nobs.

  4. Fully protect your Air Horn (use extra packing material).

  5. Surround entire gun with protective material (may need to tape off).

  6. Place spray gun in box or padded envelope.

  7. Include your spray gun form.

  8. Thoroughly seal box or envelope.

  9. Ship via USPS to our PO Box or street address with FedEx or UPS.  (This ensures a safe location).

  10.  Mail to :


  • Insure your package for its full value

  • Be sure to get a tracking number

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